Master Taíno, Director

Master Taíno has been active in the Leather community for a quarter century. He is the founder of the Washington, DC Chapter of Masters And slaves Together (MAsT), a member of Defenders Leather Levi Club since 1993, and an associate member of Onyx since 2013.

Master Taíno is the President of the MTTA, Inc. Board of Director and producer of the Master/slave Conference, an annual event held in Washington, DC since the summer of 2004.

He has presented workshops nationwide and overseas. At the Academy, Master Taíno presents the following workshops: The Calling for slavery, The Calling of a Master, BDSM in M/s relationships, Cathartic Experience, the Dynamic of Master/slave Relationships, Masters in Service and Resources. He also facilitates the daily round tables.
Currently Master Taíno owns slave paul since 2010.

His website is Master Taíno’s Leather Family.